About DAMM Australia

DAMM Australia is based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland AUSTRALIA, with permanent field sales and technical staff located throughout our region, pre and post-sales engineering support services, we are committed to providing the very best and fully supported professional TETRA solutions to our customers.

Our experienced personnel, our diverse expertise and our strong product range, enables us to provide very competitive and unique two-way radio solutions, utilising the full benefits of TETRA’s enhanced voice and data capabilities, from the smallest single site systems through to the largest regional turnkey solutions.

In a relative short period of time, DAMM Australia has achieved market leadership in the distribution and deployment of TETRA solutions in Australia, building a reputation of excellence, from a reliable product range, experienced knowledge base and strong customer support focus. These attributes teamed with a highly respected network of two-way radio partners and system integrators, has formed the backbone to the delivery of more than 8000 base station channels in the past 8 years, from over 150 TETRA projects and 2000 sites, installed across a diverse collection of industries such as mining, transport, oil and gas, industrial plant, ports, hospitality and healthcare. Testament to the reliable, cost-effective and feature rich offering of the TETRA technology and products.

If you have a requirement for a highly reliable, robust and redundant, mission critical, feature rich two-way radio solution, then you should not hesitate to contact us to find out more.

DAMM Cellular Systems A/S is an international leader in the manufacture of scalable TETRA infrastructure products.

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Quality Management System ISO 9001

DAMM holds the ISO 9001 certificate, and we strictly follow our quality management procedures to ensure that we at any time meet the needs of our customers and stakeholders.
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
At DAMM we are very environmental conscious, in anything we do. We continuously set new targets in reducing our environmental impact. DAMM holds the ISO 14001 certificate.
Our Environmental Policy can be handed out on request.

Occupational health and Safety management System OHSAS 18001

At DAMM we care about the health and safety of our staff. To manage health and safety more effectively, and to always meet the highest standard, DAMM holds the OHSAS 18001 certificate. OHSAS 18001 is an international occupational health and safety management system.


At DAMM Australia, we are proud of our team approach. We operate in a very competitive environment and our business demands that we have the best professionals. All our people need to be high achievers in their chosen career.

Working at DAMM Australia will give you the opportunity to be involved in the development of digital technologies for the professional mobile radio market. All activities are focused on the rapidly expanding TETRA market in which we are a major player.

There is a wide scope for personal development as the company has a rich vein of shared knowledge and experience for everybody to tap into. With the variety of projects within the company there are always opportunities for insight and involvement in the different aspects of radio communications.

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