TetraFlex® Multi-Tech Outdoor BS422


TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analog in one box


Supports VHF and UHF in all technologies


Flexible, cost-efficient solution with up to four carriers in one box

Frequency Sharing

Lets you build coverage in a completely new way


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TetraFlex® Outdoor System

The TetraFlex® Outdoor System is the most user-friendly, flexible and cost-effective TETRA infrastructure system available. With its high reliability and unique design it is the ideal solution for mission critical communications, even in the harshest environments..

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TetraFlex® Indoor System

Full network flexibility
The TetraFlex® system is scalable and can handle from one site solutions with local coverage to large-scale multisite solutions, using any combination of outdoor and indoor TetraFlex® base stations. Together with the intelligent TetraFlex® software, simple and smooth site expansion is possible, even while in operation.

The 100% IP-based technology provides full architectural network flexibility with all network components connected in a single state-of-the-art infrastructure without the need of a central switch.

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Network Management

TetraFlex® Network Management provides a user friendly and highly flexible tool for management, supervision and optimisation of the TetraFlex® Network.

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Rapid Deployable TetraFlex®

DAMM’s Rapid Deployable TetraFlex® (RDT) solution has been specially designed for first-responder emergency and security services. Housed in a tough wheeled suitcase for maximum mobility, RDT offers a fully functional high-powered TETRA communication system that can be instantly deployed in any situation.

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Field Mobile TetraFlex®

DAMM’s Field Mobile TetraFlex® (FMT) solution is a fully functional two-carrier TETRA communication system. Housed in a 19″ modular rack, it has been specifically designed for field deployable solutions. Its convenient size and form factor mean that it can be easily built-in to trucks, cars, containers or other mobile units.

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TETRA Systems

DAMM TetraFlex® Systems have been specifically designed to adapt or grow with you, without incurring major additional infrastructure costs.

This increases functional efficiency while significantly reducing both operational costs and Total Cost of Ownership.