The TGW-100 (Tetra Gate Way) converts serial Protocols to TETRA IP-Data and/or to TETRA SDS Messages. The device has two serial ports for interfacing to a SCADA Server or NMS Server and one IP Port. The 19 inch Rack version of the TGW-100 (TGW-100R) has a build in IP switch and provides two IP (Ethernet) ports.

The TGW-100 has an embedded Web-Server and can be configured easily using a standard WEB browser on a Windows PC or MAC device. Individual driver software is needed to interface the TGW to the different TETRA infrastructure manufacturers only for the usage of SDS. Packet Data does not require any additional software.

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The TTS-2000 is a “Ready to Go” TETRA site survey test set that can be used to measure the RF field strength of a TETRA Infrastructure base station simultaneously with all reported neighbour cells. It is built into a compact Pelican-Case Suitcase with a graphical user interface via an Apple Mini iPad.

Power is provided to the unit using either an in-car cigarette lighter lead, directly from the car battery, or optionally with a 12Volt to 24 Volt power supply. A number of accessories, such as cigarette lighter cable, GPS receiver, GPS receiver extension cable, magnetic antenna, memory stick and analysis software are part of the TTS-2000 package.

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The DVI-100 allows for an easy and effective connection of different TETRA infrastructures regardless of manufacturer, frequency band or geographical location. The device can be connected to a TETRA infrastructure without any loss of the excellent TETRA voice quality, since the voice is never turned into an analog signal and remains digital throughout the whole process.

There are a number of different options to connect the DVI-100 to an infrastructure: back-to-back, directly through a TETRA Base Station (switch), through a computer or iPhone via IP/Wi-Fi or using GSM 3G/IP communications, as a backup solution and as a Micro SPOT.

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The TMO-100 is a state-of-the-art TETRA data communication device. It contains a class 3 (3 Watt) TETRA modem, two serial interfaces (RS-232, or RS-485/RS-422), an Ethernet port, voice interface, power supply, and optional built-in or external digital and analog I/O.

These unique features are combined with the ability to use a secondary control channel, an SDS length of up to 2047 bits, Packet Data and Multi Slot Packet Data and automatic PPP link set up if enabled. Multiple protocols, such as Modbus, Modbus/IP, DNP3, DNP3/IP, ROC, BSAP, PakBus, Sinaut, IEC60870-5-101 and -104 and others, in combination with automatic LZ77 data compression, make the TMO-100 the ideal solution for any industrial application.

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TETRA Modems

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