VHF TETRA Solution

Extend coverage in wide, rural areas or extensive underground environments and improve staff safety and operational efficiency with VHF TETRA.

Extend coverage
VHF is the very best solution to cover large open areas. It is ideal for outdoor applications where distance is the primary user need. The extended coverage also makes it easier to build overlapping coverage with base stations.

Reduce operational costs
Benefit from the overlapping VHF coverage and reduce the number of base stations needed to cover the same area compared to UHF. When you choose our VHF TETRA Solution, you can impact the bottom line with a significant reduction of the overall costs.

Choice of VHF TETRA radios
Our coorporation with VHF TETRA radio providers enables us to offer you hand-portables and mobile radios with superb functionality and outstanding audio, complementing your customised solution with all the voice and data functionalities expected from TETRA.

Teaming up with Sepura gives access to not only their SC20 Hand-portable TETRA Radio, but also the SCG22 fully-featured TETRA Mobile Radio ensuring crystal-clear audio in every situation and even in noisy environments.

The Funktel VHF FT5 radio provides you with a full, proven TETRA feature set.

To support the VHF frequencies, the radios can be operated using the DAMM MultiTech Outdoor System (BS422) in VHF.

Expand the reach of TETRA
TETRA network architecture is proven through years of operational use in the most harsh environments. It provides a ultra-reliable, dedicated critical communications network with definable levels of resilience customised to your specific requirements. The benefits of TETRA are numerous, and so it makes perfectly sense to expand TETRA to VHF to include users, who have not previously had access.

UHF and VHF in same network
For customers running operations in a mix of built-up and rural areas, it is also possible to run both VHF and UHF in the same network using separate BS422 base stations operating the DAMM TetraFlex software. This makes it both easy and affordable to extend an existing UHF network to include VHF in areas where this frequency band is more advantageous.