Radio Manager 2 – “Reminder”

Now that activity around both the STP8X and STP9000 is increasing rapidly, it is a good time to remind our partners that both these terminals can only be managed using Radio Manager 2. Please contact GMG for further information on these new products and upgrade options for RM2.

TGW-100 – SCADA Gateway for TETRA

The TGW-100 is a TETRA Data Gateway for SDS and Packet data communication to be directly connected to the TETRA SwMi. Two independent serial ports are used to interface the device to a SCADA Server or any other PC application and two RJ45 Ethernet ports for configuration via the TGW-100 Web Server and for IP connection to the TETRA SwMi. …

NEW – TETRA Site Survey Tool

The new TTS-2000 from Piciorgros is a complete TETRA Site Survey Test Device to take measures of the RSSI Field Strength of the TETRA carrier as well as all reported neighbour cells. The data is stored as a -dBm value together with the location coordinates, bit error rate, antenna gain or attenuation value, and the RSSI values from all reported neighbour …

Distributed Architecture… Illustrated Video

Illustrated video showing the ease in deploying TetraFlex® in any environment. TetraFlex® is now used in all markets globally and with a distributed architecture, business and mission critical companies are turning to Damm’s comprehensive and flexible TETRA solutions.

New Damm System Brochure

Damm have released their latest System Brochure outlining the true scalability of of TetraFlex®