Fortescue continues with DAMM at Solomon Mine

The Solomon mine TETRA network is expected to be commissioned in May and will consist of a three site multi-node redundant dual carrier TetraFlex® network, providing seamless roaming and extensive radio coverage of the mine. More than 200 SRG3900 mobile and 150 STP8000 portable terminals will be provided for this network.

Our valued TetraFlex® Partner Radlink Communications based in Western Australia provided all the sales, installation, commissioning and support for this project.


DAMM Cellular systems TetraFlex® is the smart, simple, affordable way to TETRA! TetraFlex® is the smart business choice to make the leap from analogue to digital communications systems. TetraFlex® offers plug & play simplicity for easy set up and fast deployment, yet here is the best surprise of all, TetraFlex® offers the best price/performance ratio in the business.

Sepura is focused 100% on TETRA, investing heavily in research and development to ensure their products meet and exceed customers’ demands. Offering customers market-leading products and technical expertise, Sepura have spent many years working with a myriad of services organisations, ensuring that they deliver products that are needed. The SRH3800 handheld radio provides feature-rich versatility, ease of use, resilience and cost-effective operation for users.