DAMM for Offshore wind farm

Global Tech 1 Offshore Wind GmbH is to build one of the first commercial offshore wind farms in the German North Sea. With a total of 80 wind turbines, Global Tech 1 will cover an area of 41 square kilometres. Each turbine will be capable of generating 5 MW of power. Work on the wind farm will begin in 2012 and is due for completion in 2013. The new wind farm will have the potential to supply up to 445,000 households with environmentally friendly electricity.


Both during the construction phase and after the plant has been commissioned, secure and reliable communication will play an important role in securing the operational processes. ATS is to equip both the offshore operations centre and the Bremerhaven logistics base with a TETRA digital radio system.

DAMM A/S will be providing the infrastructure while Motorola will supply the handsets. Both companies are technological market leaders in their respective fields.

With a full-service package – from frequency applications to operational concepts – ATS is able to consistently deliver effective TETRA digital radio communication systems.

About DAMM

DAMM is a world leading provider of scalable, flexible, user friendly and cost effective TETRA infrastructure products to industrial, commercial and public safety customers.

Being a key player for more than 30 years within professional radio communication DAMM is taking the lead in TETRA technology through superior engineering and constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity. DAMM solutions are available worldwide through an exclusive network of partners.