TetraFlex Integrates with IPICS

GMG Solutions has conducted successful direct IP integration testing with CISCO’s IPICS Solution utilising our in-house developed RoIP Gateway and TetraFlex.

Cisco IPICS dissolves communication barriers between land mobile radio systems and devices including mobile phones, landline phones, IP phones, and PC users, helping enable communications among users of all devices, wherever they are located. When time is critical, Cisco IPICS delivers information into the hands of the right people, at the right time and in the right format. By providing flexible, scalable communication interoperability, Cisco IPICS enhances the value of existing and new radio, telephony, and IP communications networks.



With Cisco IPICS, your organization can:

  • Meet incident communications challenges
  • Increase flexibility, cut costs, and simplify processes
  • Securely extend communications interoperability
  • Improve incident notification and messaging


IPICS Demonstration Video