Australias # 1 choice for TETRA

DAMM TetraFlex® is Australias Number 1 choice for TETRA infrastructure solutions and has been accepted into a diverse range of industries, including government, oil & gas, rail, mining, power plants, transportation, hospitality, healthcare, education, seaports, airports, manufacturing, civil protection, and many more.

TetraFlex® provides plug and play simplicity for easy setup and fast deployment. When planning your network; capacity and coverage requirements will factor into network dimensioning to determine the initial scale of a network deployment. With the TetraFlex® distributed architecture; owners and operators can rapidly deploy their networks today and easily scale to meet the growing demands of tomorrow. As coverage or capacity needs grow, additional base sites can be readily deployed and seamlessly “dropped” into the distributed IP architecture.

TetraFlex® is 100% based on IP technology to connect all network components including indoor and outdoor base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities, logging servers and external gateways in one state-of-the-art intelligent distributed architecture.

Distributed architecture is considered to be the best practice in modern communications systems, offering features such as:TetraFlex-routing

  • Scalability (1 to 1000 nodes)
  • Up to 16 carriers per node
  • Redundancy
  • Remote management
  • No centralised switching (or single point of failure)
  • High service continuity at a minimal added cost
  • Self learning expansion

Distributed architecture utilises the inherent strength of IP to allow remote devices to communicate distantly and operate as if they were all present locally. This distributed architecture allows each node to function normally if disconnected from the rest of the network and resume as normal once the network connection is restored. The ability to physically distribute solutions amongst separate hosts is seen as a real step forward in voice and data solutions technology.

The intelligent TetraFlex® software enables simple and self-configuring site expansion – even while the TetraFlex® system is in operation.

Now with DAMMs TetraFlex® soft client, non-radio terminal users can now be included in a TETRA network.

TetraFlex-integrated-solutionAny Android and Windows device utilising DAMMs soft terminal application, can become a fully integrated member of the TetraFlex® communication network.

The TetraFlex® soft client supports the following modes of communication:

  • Make and receive group calls to any TETRA terminal, other soft terminals or DAMM dispatcher.
  • Make full and half duplex to any TETRA terminal, other soft terminals or DAMM dispatcher.
  • Send SDS (SMS) messages to any TETRA terminal, other soft terminals or DAMM dispatcher.
  • Send File / Image transfer to other soft terminals, or DAMM dispatcher.
  • Send or receive video streaming to/from other soft terminals or DAMM Dispatcher.