Piciorgros to supply 3000 TETRA modems

Luxembourg Power Company places an order for 3000 Piciorgros TETRA modems for remote management of their network. Piciorgros modems were chosen as they are the most flexible and feature rich TETRA RTU on the market today with a single modem capable of monitoring multiple telemetry protocols, supporting different data types, digital and analogue I/O’s, on-board PLC, all in a compact DIN Rail mountable device.

The Key Features requested:

  • DIN Rail mounting
  • Embedded Digital and Analog I/O, and 12 – 24 Volt (+/-20% Power Supply)
  • I/O accessible by SDS and Packet Data
  • Two independent serial RS-232 ports
  • SDS via the RS-232 ports to external PLC
  • Packet Data via the Ethernet Port to external PLC
  • Port Forwarding Feature of the internal Router
  • Modbus RTU Protocol to access the embedded I/O
  • Embedded Micro PLC PicoLogo for various functions as Data Logging and Alarming
  • Over The Air (OTA) Upgradable, with the ability to upgrade all modems simultaneously via a TETRA network.
  • No additional “Little Box” as a data converter