TetraFlex® Trunked Mode – Range Extension

Like GSM moving to GPRS, EDGE and UMTS/3G, the TETRA Association also identified the need to enhance and evolve TETRA to satisfy increasing user demand for new services and facilities as well as gleaning the benefits of new technology.

For TETRA Release 2, the TETRA Association identified and standardised on several additional services and facilities such as Tetra Enhance Data Services (TEDS), multi-vocoder support and Trunked Mode Operation (TMO) Range Extension.

Damm have adopted the features of Release 2, including the TMO Range Extension, now included as standard in TetraFlex® release version 7.7x and above.

The ability of TetraFlex® to operate beyond the 58km range limit (a function of the TDMA structure) is archived by modifying uplink and downlink bursts and guard times, thus extending TETRA range to 83km for Air-Ground-Air (AGA) applications and extended mobile vehicle coverage.  This vastly improves the suitability of TetraFlex® in rural and regional areas, helping to potentially reduce the number of sites required, and therefore infrastructure costs.  No additional upgrade costs for the Network or terminals are necessary as the infrastructure simply supports terminals operating in the new extended range.