Siemens IFDS-Lite Console

Siemens Convergence Creators’ new IFDS-Lite portfolio addition delivers the ultimate in flexibility and pricing for PMR networks.


Siemens Convergence Creators’ IFDS-Lite applications range offers more flexibility on the feature set and the price structure for core PMR applications to operators/users of TETRA networks than ever before.

The IFDS-Lite solution is based on Multi Network Dispatching and GIS clients. It enables customers to utilize professional functionalities at an entry level pricing. More complex and specialized features are available with upgrade modules such as Role Management, Geo-Fencing and Instant-Recording. This strategy ensures that only the key features that a potential user requires are delivered and customized for each individual CAD operator’s position and the cost saving via this modular approach can be significant enough to make the Winning difference.

Download the brochure here, or for further information on the IFDS contact GMG Solutions.