DAMM Multi-Tech Platform at CCW 2016

DAMM presents the new Multi-Tech Platform at CCW 2016. The world’s first outdoor base station featuring 4 technologies in one box: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analog.


NEW: Multi-Carrier and Simulcast

DAMM offers a technology independent solution covering your needs of today and tomorrow featuring Multi-Technology and Multi-Frequency, as well as Multi-Carrier and Simulcast all in one box. These BS422 highlights include:

  • Multi-Technology presenting the world’s first outdoor base station featuring 4 technologies in one box; TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS and Analog
  • Multi-Frequency extending coverage by supporting VHF and UHF mode in all technologies
  • Multi-Carrier providing a flexible, cost-efficient solution by enabling up to 4 carriers in one box, and even combining multiple technologies in one box
  • Simulcast available for DMR and Analog, and now also offering repeater functionality for TETRA and TEDS

Kjeld Pharao, CEO states: “DAMM is truly redefining critical communication, with a unique system that enables up to 4 carriers simultaneously across 4 technologies – all purely software defined. We are pleased to welcome visitors at M8, CCW in Amsterdam for a LIVE DEMO”

About DAMM Cellular Systems
DAMM is a world-leading provider of scalable, flexible and user-friendly digital radio infrastructure systems to industrial, commercial and public safety customers. Built for the future of critical communications, the DAMM Multi-Tech Platform enables voice and data communication across technologies, including TETRA, TEDS, DMR and analog in one single system. With over 30 years of experience in critical radio and broadband communication, we take the lead through superior engineering and a constant focus on customer needs and reduced complexity.