TetraFlex® for Rail and Metro


TetraFlex®, the most rugged, reliable, easily scalable TETRA communication system for rail and metro operations.

Mobility is a basic need of our society. To grow, we need to move people and goods faster and more efficiently than ever before. As mobility increases, so do passenger expectations. We want to reach our destinations safely, as quickly as possible and on time. And we expect up-to-the-minute informa­tion on departure times, transfers and deviations. This challenges operations management within the public transport companies to optimally employ their vehicles, improve punctuality and enhance efficiency.

With the right communications platform in place, operators will be able to achieve significant perfor­mance improvements. Through the efficient use of information, resource allocation and communica­tion between key people, critical and informed decisions can promptly be taken, empowering efficient and confident management of operations.

DAMM fully understands the critical importance of reliable voice and data communications for the rail and metro sector. Our high feature TetraFlex® solution provide crucial communications integra­tion between operations, staff, passengers and emergency units, enhancing efficiency and the safety and satisfaction of personnel and passengers.

Full reliability and 100% up-time of the communications system is guaranteed through full redundancy of components and critical system information. We specialise in providing rugged, high-performance equipment, perfectly suited for installing directly in the dusty and humid environ­ments of metro tunnels or the severe environmen­tal conditions found alongside rail tracks.

Download Rail and Metro Datasheet