DAMM gains EN 50121-4 certification for rail

We are pleased to announce that the DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor System has obtained EN 50121-4 certification. DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor System can now be utilized in rail applications where EN 50121-4 is required, and thus strengthening DAMM’s position as a leading TETRA supplier for the rail and metro sector.


DAMM TetraFlex® Outdoor System is certified to be utilized in rail applications where EN 50121-4 is required.

EN 50121-4 is a European standard which applies to a signalling and telecommunication apparatus installed in railway environments. The standard specifies limits for emission and immunity and provides performance criteria for units, which may interfere with other critical components, or be exposed the total emissions of the railway environment. The standard has also found international acceptance resulting in implementation in specifications outside Europe.

Flemming Huusmann, Product Manager of DAMM states: “We specialize in providing rugged, high-performance equipment, perfectly suited for installing directly in the dusty and humid environments of metro tunnels or the severe environmental conditions found alongside rail tracks.”

Flemming Huusmann elaborates: “Our high feature DAMM TetraFlex® solution provides crucial communications integration between operations, staff, passengers and emergency units, enhancing efficiency and the safety and satisfaction of personnel and passengers. Full reliability and 100% up-time of the communications system is guaranteed through full redundancy of components and critical system information.”