Aurizon Continues Successful TetraFlex Rollout

Aurizon continue to be well ahead of schedule with their rollout of the DAMM TetraFlex® secure digital radio network.

With more than 65 sites now active, the completion of the largest single deployment of a TETRA network in Australia is right on track.

TETRA is the most advance and secure mission critical voice and data radio communication network technologies available today, with unrivalled one to many Push To Talk capabilities. With a long list of voice and data features, TETRA’s integrated seamless multi-site roaming Air Interface, and the wide coverage footprint and spectrum efficiency of narrowband 400MHz digital radio technology, TETRA supports all the critical requirements of wide-area rail.

DAMM TetraFlex® is providing Aurizon with saturated radio coverage of their central Queensland operation. DAMM’s secure, reliable, redundant and expandable TETRA solution ensures the ease of network growth and the simplicity of integration to third party systems.

Along with our valued integration partner, Radlink Communications, DAMM Australia look forward to continuing successful cooperation with Aurizon.