Flexibility Breeds Resilience

DAMM’s decentralised network architecture enables mission-critical networks to grow quickly, while keeping total cost of ownership to a minimum.

EMS (Emergency Medical Services) Lombardy Region, Italy: The regional network, which has more than 80 DAMM TetraFlex® sites, provides fast response time and maximum reliability for EMS that covers a population of 10 million and 23.800 km2

Think big, Start small, Scale fast

Companies with a successful critical communications radio platform prioritise total life-cycle costs. DAMM® solutions can help you achieve the lowest possible cost of ownership in CAPEX as well as OPEX.

Here’s how. DAMM’s decentralised architecture enables you to scale up, scale down and move around—at the speed you need. It’s a failsafe approach that lets you start small, expand and reconfigure without shutting the network down. It speeds up installation and importantly, lowers the cost of maintenance as DAMM TetraFlex® is easy to operate.

That’s the advantage of DAMM flexibility. It makes enhanced performance possible. DAMM gives you the freedom to evolve with virtually limitless scalability. You’ll see workflow improve and margins increase throughout operations. The system has proven reliable for a variety of companies, from airports securing passenger safety and ambulance services responding to emergencies, to mining and utility companies who depend on critical communications systems to remain operational.

For even better scalability and flexibility, the unique DAMM MultiTech Platform gives you the added value of four integrated technologies in one box: TETRA, DMR Tier III, TEDS, and Analogue, allowing you to choose the technology that best fits your needs.

Flexible System Scaling

Distributed infrastructure for critical communication systems offers significant advantages over centralised solutions. DAMM systems are fully scalable, without limitations and are independent of the network’s size. Its plug-and-play principle makes it far easier to scale and expand the network with predicable CAPEX.

DAMM’s IP-based technology offers full architectural network flexibility. You can increase capacity, add users, extend network coverage or move assets from one area to another, even during operation of the system. It integrates all network components –including base stations, dispatchers, network management tools, external gateways and other applications – into one distributed IP architecture platform.

Distributed Intelligence

DAMM TetraFlex is a truly distributed solution that enables easy and seamless scaling. All basic network functions are present in each node. All nodes have equal capabilities. And all vital information is shared and replicated on all nodes throughout the network.

When you add a node to the network, you also add intelligence and processing power to the system, so the opportunities for expanding coverage or capacity are limitless.

Network Security

Security is the key to critical communication systems. Companies turn to TETRA because it has robust built-in security features like Authentication and Air Interface Encryption.

DAMM’s distributed systems let you add even more security to the network. You can use Generic Routing Encapsulation together with IPsec Virtual Private Networks to ensure the integrity of the infrastructure.

End-to-end encryption can also be applied for maximum security. This protects information as it passes through the system, both on the air interface as well as inside the infrastructure.

The Benefits of Decentralised Architecture

Our distributed architecture and intuitive software enable effortless self-configuring site expansion. You can easily add or integrate network components—including base stations, dispatchers, network management facilities and external gateways. An open Application Program Interface (API) enables easy integration with 3rd party customised applications for specific industries and sectors.

DAMM TetraFlex offers full interoperability (IOP) with all TETRA and DMR terminals so you can choose any TETRA or DMR terminal. That means you’ll never be locked into expensive bundled package contracts.

Unlike centralised solutions, DAMM systems are purposely designed to help you continuously optimise your critical communications system to capture and sustain value.