Save on infrastructure costs with the world’s first VHF TETRA radio from DAMM and Funktel

High output power 

Save on infrastructure due to wider coverage


IP65 protection 

Built for dusty and wet outdoor environments


Robust and shock resistant

Rubber coating protects against damages caused by falls


Accurate positioning

Positioning details via GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

Key features

The VHF FT5, developed by DAMM and Funktel, provides all the voice and data functionalities you come to expect in TETRA. Key features are:

  • 3W output power supporting infrastructure savings due to wider coverage
  • Full, proven TETRA feature set
  • Robust and shock resistant rubber coating to protect against drop damage
  • IP protection enabling outdoor usage
  • Positioning – GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou

More coverage at less cost

Where UHF is ideal for build-up areas, VHF has much better coverage in wider, rural areas. Utilizing the 3W high-power option, the benefits of this VHF TETRA radio become even greater – saving on infrastructure costs by reducing the number of base stations needed to cover the same area.

Seamless communication thanks to core-connected infrastructure

With DAMM’s Multi-Tech Outdoor Base Stations it is possible to either run a VHF-only network or to run a combination of UHF and VHF on separate base stations in the same network. This means that whether you are only operating in wide, rural areas or in a mix of rural and built-up areas, you can do so with the one infrastructure.

Wide range of accessories

  • Mounting charger for safe deposit boxes
  • Single- and multi-charger (6-way) for devices and/or batteries
  • USB programming station
  • High-capacity battery
  • Carrying accessories and leather cases