TMO-100 v3 Release

Piciorgros have release their next generation of TETRA modem, the TMO-100v3 provides enhanced performance, features and is fully backward compatible with existing TMO-100 units.TMO-100-v3

List of new features include:

  • All new in-house developed internal TAM-200 Transceiver
  • DIP-10 Switch removed from unit
  • Dedicated Port for Expansion I/O Modules (I/O Version only)
  • Dedicated Connector for Voice Communication
  • D-Sub AUX-Interface connector now on the top
  • All software upgrades via the Ethernet port
  • Logger Data now captured via the AUX port (RS-232)
  • Multi-level RF Signal Strength indication
  • Option for OTA (Over The Air upgrade)